Recently, the Washington Post set aside a series of myth busting articles, one of which contained a clearly defined and researched delving into the myths that surround the China economy when it comes to China manufacturing questions and issues, which in our business really delves into milled parts, assembly lines, and quality in manufacturing. It’s a story that’s told and told again since the seventies changed the political and financial structure of our relationship with overseas manufacturers. Chinese manufacturers are eager to destroy the myths that surround them and American media is jumping on the band-wagon for the first time in quite a while. The statistics don’t lie and the research shows that China’s most believe myths and quickly becoming just that—myths. So what myths are we talking about? Well, mainly the ones that keep the U.S. businesses in the dark when it comes to quality manufacturing needs. It’s an old tale: China is cheap, cheap means low-quality and low-quality means unfair wages and unfair wages mean a dwindling economy and quality of life. Not true—just ask China based employees and team members. The value of Chinese exports to U.S. based businesses is often associated with the “made in China” logo, which has a negative connotation. Why? When most manufactured products from China actually achieve highest status and performance in U.S. based testing systems from cars to appliances. That’s because the history of that product unfortunately makes a brief, but poignant stop in Chinese manufacturing. The brevity allows companies, almost 90% of manufacturing on a “made in China” product actually comes from other countries such as Vietnam and Germany, to name a few. Additionally, Chinese wages have skyrocketed faster than other developing countries. Skill levels are at an all time high and the economy is booming towards a resurgence of abilities and task levels. There is more education and more attention to higher quality goods and products which means the value of that knowledge is steadily rising—it means a better economy and safer, happier employees than ever before. In fact, many employees of the Chinese based manufacturers make more than the average American team member at a similar manufacturing plant. So why the negative connotations? It’s easier to believe myths and often times the blame on another scapegoat can mean that quality in the U.S. can go down. We don’t agree with that. We believe in fair competition for the highest quality product whether in plastic parts or milled parts and even the extensive casting processes. We investigate and build relationships with our suppliers for our U.S. based customers to bring you the best and fairest exchange.

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