Don’t Let Your Business Get Lost in Translation

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For many, the idea of dealing with U.S. business that does work and allocates properties with China-based companies, seems daunting and confusing. Our business is aware of these mistrust issues that have been so prevalent and developed over a long time. We deem that it’s simply from misinformation—this is from a well-developed and researched, as well as experienced, standpoint. When you’re unaware of the processes or conditions of another manufacturing area, what is your first inclination—investigation, which is something we welcome at US Business Connections.

However, traveling to a foreign country to achieve some clarity isn’t the easiest or smartest way to run your domestic business, and it’s all but impossible or the busy company with a home base in the U.S. That’s where US Business Connections comes in. We have an extensive knowledge of the culture of China based plants and suppliers. Types of gears becomes a simple objective to maintain and the jargon that can be lost in translation is precise and concise through our business. We’ve cultivated relationships that make us a team, not just an employer or partner.

Through computer numerical control and positive communication with fluent objectives and reiterated goals we can achieve your business’ purpose whether that purpose is types of casting, milling parts or high quality in manufacturing. In fact, just recently the “Wall Street Journal”, a publication renowned for it’s accuracy and poignancy in business, noted that more and more businesses are connecting with China, but that the problem lies in communication and expectation. Additionally, cyber-security is an issue, and this is also where miscommunication plays. That’s why choosing the right company to handle your business is crucial.

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