Case Studies

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Case Study: Tier 4 Tube Insulation Produced with a 40% Reduction in Costs

Tier-4-Tube-InsulationA US manufacturer was looking to purchase a high-temperature sleeve. Used to insulate pipes or tubes containing hot liquids or gases that need to remain at a specific temperature, these sleeves can be built up into layers to achieve varying “R” values. Flexible and easily-applied over tubes, this Tier 4 Tube Insulation sleeve has Tier 4F “clean” diesel energy applications. It’s rated for 1600 degrees maximum and, with US Business Connections, US manufacturers can buy this product at a 40% discount.

Through US Business Connections, this US manufacturer saved a bundle on this necessary product.

Case Study: Stamped Bracket Produced for $3.10

stamped-bracketA US manufacturer looking for a stamped bracket found quotes upwards of $8.00 per bracket in the US. The material, ASTM 304 Stainless Steel, was sourced from an international steel mill and extensively tested and qualified, meeting all physical and chemical requirements prior to stamping/production. The manufacturer contacted US Connections, LLC, and found the exact same product for $3.10 delivered from US Connection’s trusted manufacturer, resulting in savings of $4.90 per bracket, more than double the cost of the bracket. The difference between using US Connections versus looking for yourself is clear —US Connections offers the best products at the lowest price, and will facilitate relationships with international manufacturers for you.

Case Study: US Manufacturer Massively Reduces Costs

A US manufacturer in the Midwest was purchasing an adapter “turned” in a horizontal machining center at a cost of $25.15 each. The material is 304 Series stainless steel. Quoting various machine shops in the US reduced the cost to $18.00. The annual usage is 6500 units. Moving the production to a Manufacturer on the trusted vendor list from US Connections, LLC, reduced the delivered cost to $9.50 each, a savings of $8.50 each for an annual savings of $55,250. Quality failures are zero thanks to our “boots on the ground” monitors that visit each machining shop worldwide and conduct independent testing.  Production lots as small as 100 pieces are acceptable so a wide variety of manufactured parts are candidates. Castings, Milled or Turned parts, sub-assemblies, gears, or plastic parts can all be provided.

The difference between US Connections, LLC and other sourcing agents is the fact that we know the shops producing the parts well. We have spent our careers in manufacturing and quality control so we are acutely aware of the demanding requirements all manufacturers must meet and are prepared to work for you to insure your success. You have nothing to lose by sampling a typical part made by Manufacturer on our vendor list.